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Thursday, September 13, 2007

"Me and rap go back like LL's hair line"

Chino XL is dropping comedy as a star on Reno 911 these days, but he used to be pretty hot with the punch lines back in '96. Here he runs through some lyrics from "Here To Save You All." He always came with a lot of energy back then. I remember listening to Here To Save You All when it came out and forgetting the cd was still playing and being terrified when the hidden OJ skit came on after about 10 minutes of silence.

Chino XL live '96
Chino XL live '96 pt. 2

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"yeah...head crack, head crack!"

Not much needed to say about these. Sadat X running through Brand Nubian lyrics over OGC's "No Fear" and the Seven Minutes of Funk beat. It's pretty funny when he goes through the Punks Jump Up lyrics. The second one has Xzibit on it as well.

Sadat X September '96
Sadat X September '96 part 2

"It starts with the boooom!"

I got this from a friend in '98 or so. Most of the songs on Casual's demo tape made it on to "Fear Itself," but all of these early versions either have extra samples, different sequences, or different lyrics. It's nice to hear these songs in a more un-polished state. Heiro seemed un-stoppable back then.

Casual "Fear Itself" Demo Tape


Charizma is one of my favorite rappers. He's not exactly approaching Rakim lyrically, but he has a great voice and delivery. I had the Charizma and PB Wolf demo on the same tape as the Casual Demo. Most of the songs made it onto the Big Shots LP, but these two didn't. Bless You made it on a bonus 12" EP, but I'm not sure about this other mix of "My World Premier."

Charizma and PB Wolf "Bless You" (demo tape version)
Charizma and PB Wolf "My World Premier" (demo tape alt. mix)

The Nine Tray Riddim

I've had this tape for about 13 years now. I think I got it sometime in 1994. My friend told me he had this mixtape and then when we listened to it I heard all these Heiro songs I didn't even know existed. I was only 14 or 15 at the time and I remember thinking this was one of the greatest tapes I owned. I still enjoy it to this day. I don't know if it's for nostalgic reasons or if it just holds up well. You can't go wrong with the content. It's also mixed in a pretty simple manner, so nothing is in your face or annoying.

My friend didn't know where it came from and couldn't remember who made it, but it had some word scribbled on the cassette label that I couldn't quite make out. I didn't figure it out until years later that that scribbled word was "riddim." I put two and two together and realized it was DJ Riddim, the guy who runs Funky Riddims record store in Berkeley. I know some people have mixed feelings on him and the store, but I think this tape still works. It's mostly all 12 inches from '93 or around that time period. There is a healthy amount of Heiro b-sides, a Nas remix, "Likwit" over the "Can I get Open" beat, some Outkast, Pharcyde, Black Moon, Mysterme, Yagfu Front, Brand Nubian, De La, and even runs through some dancehall stuff at the end of side B. It's a good listen and full of some time-tested classics.

I don't even know what the title of it is. I saw him in his store once and asked him if he made this tape and he vaguely remembered it.

DJ Riddim - Circa '93-'94
Side A
Side B

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

"I keep in shape and do my physical fitness"

Kool Keith is a weirdo. He's usually pretty funny in interviews though. Here he runs through some old Ultramagnetic joints, including "Ego Trippin" and "Poppa Large."

"Kool Keith on The Wake Up Show"