Tuesday, July 24, 2007

"Milpitas is my home, forget me not I did hard work."

I've had this tape since about 1995 I think. I got it from a friend of mine who got it from his brother's friend. I recently asked my friend if he could remember the guy's name, but he could hardly even remember the person or the tape. The only name I can remember is Dreas. I might be wrong, but I think his name was Dreas and he was from Milpitas. I never met him, but I was given this tape that had a few beats on it and a few songs with some rappers. When Stones Throw got rolling I realized that the rappers on that tape were Encore and Grand (from Homeliss Derelix). As far as I know, Dreas (or whatever his real name is) produced all of these beats and the songs with Grand and Encore. The tape quality isn't that great and there are some starts and stops and gaps in some songs. I labeled the tape (somewhat innacurately) a few years after I got it, but it was originally just a blank grey cassette.

These beats were pretty influential to me back then. They kind of opened my mind to the fact you didn't have to be a famous producer with a huge studio to make beats. I think they still hold up pretty well and it's amazing to me that nothing was ever done with any of these beats/songs. Maybe this post will help shed some light on this mystery producer. If anyone has any info on who "Dreas" is please let me know.

Dreas beat # 1
Dreas beat # 2
Dreas beat # 3
Dreas beat # 4
Dreas beat # 5
Dreas beat # 6
Encore & Grand demo
Encore demo
Grand demo

UPDATE: DJ Stef did some research and got the following:

I asked Grand about this and he replied:

"The instrumentals was made by Andreas (Capital "A", rappin ah stay, witchu for awhile, and wont go away) ...His brother was named Nick (emcee status) white kids from back east with true school flav .... these are old 1994-5-6.

They had a apt in SJ. encore and I would meet up over there and lay low on saturdays.... Dreas was a really good producer and status was a solid emcee ..."

UPDATE 2: Slurg added that Dreas has 3 beats at the end of Peanut Butter Wolf's Lunar Props EP. I've never had a copy of that ep, so this bit of info slipped right passed me.


Illogic said...

Excellent, Je me suis toujours demander qui était ce Dreas qui est crédité sur le Lunar props EP. Ces instrus Sont vraiment bonnes, merci pour le partage de cette tape

Anonymous said...

These tracks are fuckin tight, thanks so much, love "Story demo" and Beat #1!!!!!

Felix said...

Please reup those! I had them on my pc but had to format: c!

These beats are so tight.

Anonymous said...

Man you need to re-up those beats and demo. Pleeeeeeease.


verge said...

Oh Shii!Grand the Visitor demos?! If you get a chance, please re up. I would love to hear these.

knowledge said...

What Verge said !

philosophic @ philaflava

Anonymous said...

I know this guy... It's Andreas... Get the beats back up :)

Anonymous said...

re-up pls!!!!!!


verge said...

Seeing as this guy hasn't updated his blog since February 2008, I don't think he cares to re-up those demos for us. Which really sucks[the blog being dead and the demos being dead]. Can anybody else who commented before the links were down maybe post a new link here in the comment section? Spread love.

SLurg said...

I reupped 3 tracks on B Side Wins Again : http://bsidewinsagain.blogspot.com/2007/08/peanut-butter-wolf-chonicles-i-will.html

Anonymous said...

Who can "re-up" the "Dreas beats???"

Anonymous said...
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