Tuesday, July 24, 2007

"I got some new shaboop that I'ma play for yall tonight."

I don't remember the exact date of this show, but this interview/freestyle is from KMEL's "The 10 O' Clock Bomb" show that was hosted by Sway. It was right around the time that Return to the 36 Chambers came out. The audio starts with 12 O Clock and Buddha Monk, but it moves into ODB running through some lyrics from the album on top of the Shook Ones Pt. II beat. He actually does this very restrained, calm style that is pretty dope in some parts. The listeners who call in to talk to ODB are all very humorous. The first girl loses it. The question is...did she follow up and show up at the Neko? The third dude makes me laugh when he says "I met you before...but you probably don't remember." The last kid is the best. "Right right right, so freestyle right now." Sway ends everything on a creepy note, talking to some 16 year old girls.

I recorded this off the radio (dubbing it over an old Midnight Oil cassette I had as a kid) and the tape ran out at one point, so there is a gap in the interview at 15:40 mark.



mere said...

lol i was there in the studio
i used to intern on that show

Anonymous said...

OG blogg! I used to have many 10 O'clock bombs recorded .. one in particular was the sh*t... a mix from around 95.. oh how I wish I still had it