Tuesday, December 4, 2007

"I got a new tape and it's full of Bumps"

I made this mix a few years back. We nod (a store in Japan) pressed up the cds and released the majority of them in Japan. It got a bunch of really positive reviews. It's been out of print for awhile now. Maybe it will get a repress at some point, but for now you can grab this free download.

98 records, 1 videotape, and my fingers (snapping on track 31).

1. Intro
2. Kool G. Rap - "Play It Kool"
3. Showbiz and AG - "A
Giant In The Mental"
4. Volume 10 - "Styles On Deck"
5. "Ahonetwo"
6. Steady B - "Nothin' But The Bass"
7. Spyder D - "Placin' The Beat"
8. "All the Ladies..."
9. Sparky D - "Throwdown"
10. Nas - "It Ain't Hard To Tell" (remix)
11. MC Serch - "Back To The Grill"
12. Charizma and Peanut Butter Wolf - "That's Word"
13. De La Soul - "Freedom Of Speak"
14. Del That Funky Homosapien - "Burnt"
15. Masta Ace - "Born To Roll"
16. "Hot Damn"
17. The Beatnuts - "Reign Of The Tec"
18. Common Sense - "Soul By The Pound"
19. "Dancin' 'Til it Hirts"
20. Casual - "It's A Me Thang"
21. Stezo - "Bring The Horns"
22. Just-Ice - " Going Way Back"
23. Pete Rock & CL Smooth - "Straighten It Out"
24. De La Soul - "Oodles of O's"
25. "1, 2, 3..."
26. MC Lyte - "I Am The Lyte"
27. B.D.P. - "Gimme, DAT, (Woy)"
28. Kool G. Rap - "On The Run" (remix)
29. Snoop Dogg - "Serial Killa"
30. Cypress Hill - "Hand On The Pump"
31. Black Sheep - "Have U.N.E. Pull"
32. bonus megamix

Controller 7 - BUMPS mix cd

Friday, September 21, 2007

Thursday, September 13, 2007

"Me and rap go back like LL's hair line"

Chino XL is dropping comedy as a star on Reno 911 these days, but he used to be pretty hot with the punch lines back in '96. Here he runs through some lyrics from "Here To Save You All." He always came with a lot of energy back then. I remember listening to Here To Save You All when it came out and forgetting the cd was still playing and being terrified when the hidden OJ skit came on after about 10 minutes of silence.

Chino XL live '96
Chino XL live '96 pt. 2

links re-upped

"yeah...head crack, head crack!"

Not much needed to say about these. Sadat X running through Brand Nubian lyrics over OGC's "No Fear" and the Seven Minutes of Funk beat. It's pretty funny when he goes through the Punks Jump Up lyrics. The second one has Xzibit on it as well.

Sadat X September '96
Sadat X September '96 part 2

"It starts with the boooom!"

I got this from a friend in '98 or so. Most of the songs on Casual's demo tape made it on to "Fear Itself," but all of these early versions either have extra samples, different sequences, or different lyrics. It's nice to hear these songs in a more un-polished state. Heiro seemed un-stoppable back then.

Casual "Fear Itself" Demo Tape


Charizma is one of my favorite rappers. He's not exactly approaching Rakim lyrically, but he has a great voice and delivery. I had the Charizma and PB Wolf demo on the same tape as the Casual Demo. Most of the songs made it onto the Big Shots LP, but these two didn't. Bless You made it on a bonus 12" EP, but I'm not sure about this other mix of "My World Premier."

Charizma and PB Wolf "Bless You" (demo tape version)
Charizma and PB Wolf "My World Premier" (demo tape alt. mix)

The Nine Tray Riddim

I've had this tape for about 13 years now. I think I got it sometime in 1994. My friend told me he had this mixtape and then when we listened to it I heard all these Heiro songs I didn't even know existed. I was only 14 or 15 at the time and I remember thinking this was one of the greatest tapes I owned. I still enjoy it to this day. I don't know if it's for nostalgic reasons or if it just holds up well. You can't go wrong with the content. It's also mixed in a pretty simple manner, so nothing is in your face or annoying.

My friend didn't know where it came from and couldn't remember who made it, but it had some word scribbled on the cassette label that I couldn't quite make out. I didn't figure it out until years later that that scribbled word was "riddim." I put two and two together and realized it was DJ Riddim, the guy who runs Funky Riddims record store in Berkeley. I know some people have mixed feelings on him and the store, but I think this tape still works. It's mostly all 12 inches from '93 or around that time period. There is a healthy amount of Heiro b-sides, a Nas remix, "Likwit" over the "Can I get Open" beat, some Outkast, Pharcyde, Black Moon, Mysterme, Yagfu Front, Brand Nubian, De La, and even runs through some dancehall stuff at the end of side B. It's a good listen and full of some time-tested classics.

I don't even know what the title of it is. I saw him in his store once and asked him if he made this tape and he vaguely remembered it.

DJ Riddim - Circa '93-'94
Side A
Side B

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

"I keep in shape and do my physical fitness"

Kool Keith is a weirdo. He's usually pretty funny in interviews though. Here he runs through some old Ultramagnetic joints, including "Ego Trippin" and "Poppa Large."

"Kool Keith on The Wake Up Show"

Monday, August 6, 2007

Once you A and B alike, then you can C alike.

Before Nas released "It Was Written" there was a lot of anticipation and excitement about how he would follow up Illmatic. This little snippet mix was released and I was pretty excited. It's kind of cool to hear Nas rhyming over Biz and EPMD beats. Looking back on it now, It Was Written wasn't that bad. Illmatic is a pretty tough act to follow.

Nas "It Was Written" preview sampler

Smoothe Da Hustler and Trigga The Gambler's "Broken Language" was probably the best thing those two did together, but there is no doubt these guys had good chemistry. This clip of them freestyling on The Wake Up Show demonstrates that they are good bouncing off of eachother. Things start to deflate a little bit when they actually start freestyling off the top of their head, but it's fun to hear them doing the tag team raps.

Smoothe Da Hustler & Trigger Tha Gambler on The Wake Up Show

Rza is a funny guy. He's got an interesting voice and he's pretty witty. In this interview he breaks down some music biz knowledge and talks about Rae and Ghost saying Biggie bit Nas' album cover. The A alike, B alike, C alike thing always made me laugh, but what the hell does it mean to A alike?

Rza Wake Up Show interview

Chip chip, pbbbbbpbbb, ahhh, and all that mess

I used to listen to the Wake Up Show pretty religiously back around 95-99 and I taped a lot of the shows. Unfortunately I didn't label the tapes with any info, so I don't really remember exact dates. Here are 4 dj spots that I always liked. The first one is DJ Aladdin spinning some classic breaks live (without using heapdhones). This used to, and still does, blow me away. When he gets to "Billie Jean" he kills it. I think this was around '95 or '96.

DJ Aladdin Live On The Wake Up Show

The second clip is a mix that DJ Babu played one night. I don't know if he made it specifically for the Wake Up Show, but as far as I can remember this one was pre-recorded and not performed live. I can't remember eaxactly, but the intro makes me think it's pre-recorded. He runs through some classics and even throws in a few lesser known groups like The Chosen Ones and Asher D & Daddy Freddy.

DJ Babu Live On The Wake Up Show

The third clip is the "Memory Lane" mega mix by DJ Revolution. Similar to the Babu mix, Revolution runs through some classics, but includes some tracks you don't hear too often, like The Brothers "I Got Rhythm."

DJ Revolution "Memory Lane" megamix

The fourth clip is one Kut Masta Kurt's "Classics to the New School" segments. Kurt would periodically stop by the show and do these sets. The basic premise is playing original breaks/samples back to back with the songs that sampled them. The actual djing isn't mind blowing or anything, but I don't think that was the point. The "Another Wake Up Show Classic" voice gets to be a little annoying, but it's still a fun little segment.

Kut Masta Kurt "Classics to the New School"

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

"Milpitas is my home, forget me not I did hard work."

I've had this tape since about 1995 I think. I got it from a friend of mine who got it from his brother's friend. I recently asked my friend if he could remember the guy's name, but he could hardly even remember the person or the tape. The only name I can remember is Dreas. I might be wrong, but I think his name was Dreas and he was from Milpitas. I never met him, but I was given this tape that had a few beats on it and a few songs with some rappers. When Stones Throw got rolling I realized that the rappers on that tape were Encore and Grand (from Homeliss Derelix). As far as I know, Dreas (or whatever his real name is) produced all of these beats and the songs with Grand and Encore. The tape quality isn't that great and there are some starts and stops and gaps in some songs. I labeled the tape (somewhat innacurately) a few years after I got it, but it was originally just a blank grey cassette.

These beats were pretty influential to me back then. They kind of opened my mind to the fact you didn't have to be a famous producer with a huge studio to make beats. I think they still hold up pretty well and it's amazing to me that nothing was ever done with any of these beats/songs. Maybe this post will help shed some light on this mystery producer. If anyone has any info on who "Dreas" is please let me know.

Dreas beat # 1
Dreas beat # 2
Dreas beat # 3
Dreas beat # 4
Dreas beat # 5
Dreas beat # 6
Encore & Grand demo
Encore demo
Grand demo

UPDATE: DJ Stef did some research and got the following:

I asked Grand about this and he replied:

"The instrumentals was made by Andreas (Capital "A", rappin ah stay, witchu for awhile, and wont go away) ...His brother was named Nick (emcee status) white kids from back east with true school flav .... these are old 1994-5-6.

They had a apt in SJ. encore and I would meet up over there and lay low on saturdays.... Dreas was a really good producer and status was a solid emcee ..."

UPDATE 2: Slurg added that Dreas has 3 beats at the end of Peanut Butter Wolf's Lunar Props EP. I've never had a copy of that ep, so this bit of info slipped right passed me.

"I got some new shaboop that I'ma play for yall tonight."

I don't remember the exact date of this show, but this interview/freestyle is from KMEL's "The 10 O' Clock Bomb" show that was hosted by Sway. It was right around the time that Return to the 36 Chambers came out. The audio starts with 12 O Clock and Buddha Monk, but it moves into ODB running through some lyrics from the album on top of the Shook Ones Pt. II beat. He actually does this very restrained, calm style that is pretty dope in some parts. The listeners who call in to talk to ODB are all very humorous. The first girl loses it. The question is...did she follow up and show up at the Neko? The third dude makes me laugh when he says "I met you before...but you probably don't remember." The last kid is the best. "Right right right, so freestyle right now." Sway ends everything on a creepy note, talking to some 16 year old girls.

I recorded this off the radio (dubbing it over an old Midnight Oil cassette I had as a kid) and the tape ran out at one point, so there is a gap in the interview at 15:40 mark.


Monday, July 16, 2007

If the person next to you is ugly, clap your hands!

Back in 2003 I started making this mix. I wanted to do something fun. I never ended up making a full length mix of it, but I wanted to. I originally sold 50 copies of this as a mini 3 inch pocket cd. Those are all gone, so here it is for you to enjoy.

DOWNLOAD Controller 7 "pop" mix (2003)

Friday, July 13, 2007

Get Ready For The Young Folks

Just put your lips together and blow. It's still a rough edit, but fun none the less.

DOWNLOAD "Get Ready For The Young Folks"

"When you're really rich then asparagus is yummy"

Lil Weezy, so eloquent.

To get the ball rolling I am going to post up a few random audio files from my own little stash. The first is an interlude that I made for Peter Agoston and his Female Fun label back around 2002. I sent it to him and he liked it, but I never gave him a clean copy of it and we never did anything with it. It was just supposed to be an interlude on a compilation. This was the first thing I ever tracked out in Pro Tools and it sounds like hot garbage. I had no idea what I was doing.

Controller 7 - "Dollar Bin Blues"

The second set of beats are straight off a TDK cassette tape. I generally use cassette tapes as a sketch book. If I am working on something and I like it I will record a bit of it on tape so that I can listen to it the next day without having to load up the beat. This got me into the bad habit of "I'll put the idea down on tape and then go back and remake it later." I would get lazy and not want to name the files and save them on the mpc, so I would just make the tape version and figure that I'd remake it when I felt like it. I'd usually end up forgetting what the samples were or not being able to recreate it the way it was on tape. So, some beats only exist on tape and these are two of them. They are both from around 2003 or 2004 and are basically just simple little demo loops.

Controller 7 - "Piano Drop"

Controller 7 - "Diamonds"